D Programming Language 1.0

Last update Sun Dec 30 20:34:43 2012


rdmd is a program to compile, cache and execute D source code files or 'pseudo shell scripts' (using the she-bang syntax with dmd v0.146 or above) on Linux and Windows systems.

It will cache the executable in the /tmp directory by default and will re-compile the executable if any of the source file, the compiler or rdmd itself is newer than the cached executable. It can optionally use gdmd if specified, but uses dmd by default.


rdmd [D compiler arguments] [rdmd arguments] progfile.d [program arguments]

rdmd arguments:

This message
Force re-compilation of source code [default = do not force]
Specify compiler [default = dmd]
Specify directory to store cached program and other temporaries [default = /tmp]


written by Dave Fladebo and Robert Mariottini

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