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News Groups

Digital Mars news groups are for support, discussion, etc., for anything related to Digital Mars products. The forums can be accessed via:

  1. The newsgroup server at news.digitalmars.com.
  2. The http web interface.
  3. The mailing lists.
  4. The archives which are updated weekly.
D Programming Language
Name News
Web Mail
Archive Description
digitalmars.D yes yes yes yes General discussion of the D programming language.
digitalmars.D.announce yes yes yes yes Announcements for anything D related
digitalmars.D.bugs yes yes yes yes Bug reports for D compiler and library
digitalmars.D.debugger yes yes yes yes Debuggers for D
digitalmars.D.ldc yes yes yes yes LLVM based D Compiler
digitalmars.D.dwt yes yes yes yes Developing the D Widget Toolkit
digitalmars.D.dtl yes yes yes yes Developing the D Template Library
digitalmars.D.ide yes yes yes yes Integrated Debugging Environments for D
digitalmars.D.learn yes yes yes yes Questions about learning D
digitalmars.D.internals yes yes yes yes Discussion about tool internals
D.gnu yes yes yes yes GDC, the Gnu D Compiler
dmd-beta yes yes yes yes Notify of and discuss beta versions
dmd-concurrency yes yes yes yes Design of concurrency features in D and library
dmd-internals yes yes yes yes dmd compiler internal design and implementation
phobos yes yes yes yes Phobos runtime library design and implementation
C and C++
Name News
Web Mail
Archive Description
c++ yes yes no yes General discussion of DMC++ compiler
c++.announce yes yes no yes Announcements about C++
c++.atl yes yes no yes Microsoft's Advanced Template Library
c++.beta yes yes no yes Test versions of various C++ products
c++.chat yes yes no yes Off topic discussions
c++.command-line yes yes no yes Command line tools
c++.dos yes yes no yes DMC++ and DOS
c++.dos.16-bits yes yes no yes 16 bit DOS topics
c++.dos.32-bits yes yes no yes 32 bit extended DOS topics
c++.idde yes yes no yes The Digital Mars Integrated Development and Debugging Environment
c++.mfc yes yes no yes Microsoft Foundation Classes
c++.rtl yes yes no yes C++ Runtime Library
c++.stl yes yes no yes Standard Template Library
c++.stl.hp yes yes no yes HP's Standard Template Library
c++.stl.port yes yes no yes STLPort Standard Template Librar
c++.stl.sgi yes yes no yes SGI's Standard Template Library
c++.stlsoft yes yes no yes Stlsoft products
c++.windows yes yes no yes Writing C++ code for Microsoft Windows
c++.windows.16-bits yes yes no yes 16 bit Windows topics
c++.windows.32-bits yes yes no yes 32 bit Windows topics
c++.wxwindows yes yes no yes wxWindows
Name News
Web Mail
Archive Description
DMDScript yes yes no yes General discussion of DMDScript
digitalmars.empire yes yes no yes General discussion of Empire, the Wargame of the Century
D yes yes no yes Retired, use digitalmars.D instead