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This is the Digital Mars version of MicroEmacs, based on the public domain version by Dave Conroy. It is small, fast, easilly customizable, and it ports readily to whereever it's needed.

This version is also in the public domain.

men.exe Win32 executable
mex.exe DOS32 executable
medos.exe DOS executable
melinux Linux executable


Command Description Keybinding
basic_nextline Move to next line F5
gotobol Move to start of line ^A
forwchar Move forward by characters ^F, rightarrow
gotoeol Move to end of line ^E
backchar Move backward by characters ^B, leftarrow
forwline Move forward by lines ^N, downarrow
backline Move backward by lines ^P, uparrow
forwpage Move forward by pages ^V, PgDn
backpage Move backward by pages Esc B, PgUp
gotobob Move to start of buffer Esc <, ^Home
gotoeob Move to end of buffer Esc >, ^End
gotoline Move to line number ^X L
word_back Backup by words Esc B, ^leftarrow
word_forw Advance by words Esc F, ^rightarrow
window_next Move to the next window ^X N, F6
window_prev Move to the previous window ^X P
window_only Make current window only one ^X 1
window_split Split current window ^X 2
window_mvdn Move window down Esc N, End
window_mvup Move window up Esc P, Home
window_enlarge Enlarge display window ^X Z
window_shrink Shrink window Esc Z
window_reposition Reposition window ^X T
window_refresh Refresh the screen ^L
delwind Delete a window ^X D
random_deblank Delete blank lines ^X O
random_forwdel Forward delete ^D, Del
random_backdel Backward delete ^H, 0x7F
random_undelchar Undelete a character AltF Del
Ddelline Delete a line ^J
Dundelline Undelete a line Esc J, AltF F2
Ddelword Delete a word  
Ddelbword Delete a word (backwards)  
Dundelword Undelete a word AltF ^rightarrow, AltF ^leftarrow
delfword Delete forward word Esc D
delbword Delete backward word Esc H
random_kill Kill forward ^K
random_yank Paste from kill buffer ^Y, ^X K, F10
region_kill Cut region to kill buffer Esc 9, F9
region_copy Copy region to kill buffer Esc 8, F8
basic_setmark Set mark F7, Esc .
removemark Remove mark ^X .
swapmark Swap dot and mark Esc X
word_select Select word Esc W
filenext Edit next file AltF N
fileread Get a file read only
filevisit Get a file read write
filewrite Write a file AltF W
fileunmodify Turn off buffer changed bits AltF U
filesave Save current file AltF S
filename Adjust file name AltF F
filemodify Write modified files AltF M
Dinsertfile Insert a file at dot AltF I
ctrlg Abort out of things ^@, ^G
quit Quit ^C, AltF Q
quickexit low keystroke style exit  
normexit Write modified files and exit AltF X, AltX
ctlxlp Begin macro ^X (
ctlxrp End macro ^X )
macrotoggle Start/End macro F12
ctlxe Execute macro ^X E, F11
forwsearch Search forward ^S
backsearch Search backwards ^R
replacestring Search and replace Esc R
queryreplacestring Query search and replace Esc Q
Dsearch Search F4, AltF F4
Dsearchagain Search for the same string F2
C, C++ and D    
search_paren Toggle over parentheses ^W, F3
random_indent Insert CR-LF then indent
random_incindent increase indentation level ^X ], AltF10
random_decindent decrease indentation level ^X [, AltF9
random_opttab optimize tabbing in line Esc I
Dcppcomment convert /* */ to // ^X /
display_norm_fg   AltF2
display_norm_bg   AltF1
display_mode_fg   AltF4
display_mode_bg   AltF3
display_mark_fg   AltF5
display_mark_bg   AltF6
display_eol_bg   AltF7
main_saveconfig Save configuration AltC
spawncli Run CLI in a subjob ^Z
spawn Run a command in a subjob ^X !
spawn_filter Filter buffer through program ^X #
spawn_pipe Run program and gather output ^X @, AltZ
Dpause Pause the program (UNIX only)  
listbuffers Display list of buffers AltF B
usebuffer Switch a window to a buffer ^X B
buffer_next Switch to next buffer ^X W, AltB
killbuffer Make a buffer go away  
random_setfillcol Set fill column ^X F
word_wrap_line Word wrap line ^X A
random_showcpos Show the cursor position ^X =
random_twiddle Twiddle characters ^T
random_tab Insert tab ^I, Tab
random_hardtab Set hardware tabs AltF T
random_newline Insert CR-LF ^M
random_openline Open up a blank line ^O, AltF Ins
random_quote Insert literal ^Q, ^X Q
region_togglemode Toggle column region mode Esc T
toggleinsert Toggle insert/overwrite mode Ins
line_overwrite Write char in overwrite mode  
getcol Get current column  
misc_upper Upper case word/region Esc U
misc_lower Lower case word/region Esc L
capword Initial capitalize word Esc C
win32toggle43 Toggle hires mode AltE
ibmpctoggle43 Toggle hires mode AltE
Dignore do nothing  
Dadvance Set into advance mode Esc downarrow
Dbackup Set into backup mode Esc uparrow
Dinsertdate File and date stamp AltF D


current cursor position
start of a region
text entry box used for entering file names and search strings
text between "dot" and "mark"



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