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digitalmars.D - Re: Status of std.xml (D2/Phobos)

On 6/27/10 8:37 PM, "Sean Kelly" <sean invisibleduck.org> wrote:

 I'd like to cast a vote for a SAX-style parser.  A DOM parser can be built on
 top of it, and frankly, a SAX parser the only kind I'd ever use.  I'm either
 working with large streams where building a tree is impractical, or
 performance is enough of an issue that again, building a tree is impractical.

Agree, with one additional requirement: the ability to throw random chunks of bytes at the parser whenever I like, along the lines of Expat or XP. This is a must for dealing with a stream of XML like XMPP. -- Joe Hildebrand
Jun 28 2010