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digitalmars.D.announce - GSOC 2019 Mentors Needed

A couple of people have put their names forward as potential 
mentors for GSOC 2019, but I need more! If you are interested in 
participating, please let me know. Doing so does not guarantee 
that you will be a part of the event, but we need a large enough 
pool that when students begin submitting their applications we 
can have a better chance of matching them up with the mentor 
who’s a best fit for their project.

Also a reminder — the Wiki page of potential projects for GSOC is 
still rather light. Please don’t make me have to spend time 
digging through old ideas to see what’s still valid. If you an 
idea for a project that is suitable for GSOC, something you’d 
love to work on but don’t have the time for perhaps, then please 
add it to the ideas page! Let’s get it fleshed out so potential 
applicants can have more time to consider what they’d like to 
work on.

The deadline for organizations to apply is Feb 6. We should hear 
on Feb 27 if we’re accepted or not. If we are, then students will 
have until April 9 to submit their applications. It will go by 
fast, so the sooner we get more ideas on the page the better.

Jan 31