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digitalmars.D.announce - Hunt Console 0.1.0 released

Hunt Console library eases the creation of beautiful and testable 
command line interfaces.

It is a port from Symfony's Console component. ( reference here 
https://symfony.com/doc/current/console.html )

The Application object manages the command-line application:

import hunt.console;

console = new Application();
console.run(new ArgsInput(args));

The run() method parses the arguments and options passed on the 
command line and executes the right command.

Registering a new command can easily be done via the register() 
method, which returns a Command instance:

void main(string[] args)
  Application app = new Application("Hunt Console", "1.0.0");
  app.add(new GreetingCommand());

  app.add((new Command("test")).setExecutor(new class 
CommandExecutor {
      override public int execute(Input input, Output output)
          output.writeln("hello world");
          return 0;

  if(args.length > 1)

You can also register new commands via classes.

The component provides a lot of features like output coloring, 
input and output abstractions (so that you can easily unit-test 
your commands), validation, automatic help messages ...

Github repo:

HuntLabs website:
Jan 31