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digitalmars.D.announce - (Oh My) Gentool 0.1.0

(Oh My) Gentool - Yet another C/C++ binding generator.

This release has few changes and tweaks, the most important one 
is the ability to process templated functions/methods on Windows 
and reduction of missing linker symbols numbers.

Please note that it is still in its early stage and may contain 
bugs and many missing language constructs, as well as lack of 
conversion for certain language constructs.

It is still hard to use it directly on a real libraries due to 
many syntax and semantics issues, however it is already a 
valuable tool for making thin wrappers on C++ side to quickly 
bring them to your D code, given that your wrapper headers does 
not contains complex bodies or templates, or direct inclusions of 
other libraries headers.

How to start - 

Code https://github.com/Superbelko/ohmygentool
Feb 02