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digitalmars.D.announce - Totally OT: personal announcement


Not sure if this is entirely appropriate, if not apologies in advance.

My partner (Erin) and I have decided to go on our OE (overseas  
experience). First stop is South America, for a 6 month holiday, then on  
to the UK where we hope to work and earn some good money. We leave in  
October. We arrive in the UK in April. We have no fixed destination in the  
UK in mind, except that we're sure we don't want to live in London itself  
(not big city people).

I decided to post here to let you all know why I was going to vanish for 6  
months or so, and to ask a favour or two.

If anyone has any contacts in the UK who may be able to help us with jobs  
(IT and Law), or knows of a good recruitment agency let us know. In fact  
any advice anyone has is welcome, the more info we have the better. Best  
way to send this info/advice is to email me using regan netmail.co.nz (so  
as not to spam the list). If you need more info on my (or Erin's)  
qualifications or experience just ask (via email).

I'm almost certain that whenever/wherever I surface I'll be back keeping a  
close eye on D ;)

Aug 10 2006