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c++.command-line - NEED HELP!!!!

reply "SStallone" <sstallone gmx.de> writes:
I need your help.

I want to write a program that
    1) looks in the generated map file for every undefined symbol
    2) stores the symbol name into an array of strings
    3) looks in the generated obj file for the the strings of the symbol
name array
    4) replaces the name of the found symbol with the same same without  x

I included my unfinished and faulty source code.

Please help me finishing this code becaus then you can import any dlls
without regard to the  x suffixes. They aren't needed for linking and

Please help me!!!

Best regards Chris
Jul 25 2001
next sibling parent "SStallone" <sstallone gmx.de> writes:

I managed to show all undefined symbols to stdout.
Now the program must search for each in the obj file and remove the  x
    _glVertex3f 12 becomes to _glVertex3f
            where  12 is overwritten with the char 0x00

Can you also tell me how to free the memory with malloc. I return the
pointer to char. How can I free this memory after the function jumped back
to main???

Help me finishing the project.

Have fun
Best regards
Yours sincerly

Jul 25 2001
prev sibling next sibling parent "SStallone" <sstallone gmx.de> writes:
Please help me finishing and optimising the code. I will put it how I did it
ever under GPL.

With your help it will become a good tool, I think.

Jul 25 2001
prev sibling parent "SStallone" <sstallone gmx.de> writes:
In order to prove my theory I send you an example using my method.
Although I was forced to slightly modify the include file glu.h because it
didn't produce the __imp__ prefix. All I done was adding WINGDIAPI before
every function prototype in gl.h.

Then it worked.

Try yourself with
sc water.obj gdi32.lib opengl32.lib glu32.lib

Don't forget my poject (map2obj!!!)

Jul 25 2001