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digitalmars.D.announce - Re: dmd 1.046 and 2.031 releases

Ary Borenszweig Wrote:

 „�ģ„��„��„�� (noshiika)
 Thank you for the great work, Walter and all the other contributors.
 But I am a bit disappointed with the CaseRangeStatement syntax.
 Why is it
    case 0: .. case 9:
 instead of
    case 0 .. 9:
 With the latter notation, ranges can be easily used together with 
 commas, for example:
    case 0, 2 .. 4, 6 .. 9:
 And CaseRangeStatement, being inconsistent with other syntaxes using the 
 .. operator, i.e. slicing and ForeachRangeStatement, includes the endpoint.
 Shouldn't D make use of another operator to express ranges that include 
 the endpoints as Ruby or Perl6 does?

I agree. I think this syntax is yet another one of those things people looking at D will say "ugly" and turn their heads away.

Yeah... It is ugly... BR Marcin Kuszczak Aarti_pl
Jul 06 2009