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digitalmars.D.announce - Re: Tango 0.99.9 Kai released

Nick Sabalausky Wrote:

 "strtr" <strt spam.com> wrote in message 
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 Nick Sabalausky Wrote:
 If you grab the Tango+DMD bundle from the Tango site, then it's exactly 
 same as installing DMD/Phobos: Just unzip, set path, and run.

So I shouldn't need to change anything at all in my project? All Phobos calls will by default be handled correctly? That's nice.

At the moment, no. Currently, Tango is D1-only, but druntime (the thing that is supposed to allow Tango and Phobos to play nice together on a single installation) is D2-only.

There is actually a version of druntime for D1, it just isn't use by Phobos for backwards-compatibility reasons. I also stopped maintaining it a while back because no one was using it. But the branch is still there if anyone cares enough to bring it up to date.
Feb 14 2010