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digitalmars.D.announce - Re: Revised RFC on range design for D2

Bill Baxter Wrote:

 On Sat, Sep 13, 2008 at 1:03 AM, Pablo Ripolles <in-call gmx.net> wrote:
 Hmm.  One semantic issue I have is that the tip usually refers to the
 infinitessimal point at the end.  Not a thing with substance.  I'm
 having trouble feeling like I'm going to get an item back when I look
 at "x.tip".  Head has huge history being used for the item at the
 front of a list, so I think that's much less likely to cause anyone
 looking at D code to scratch their heads.  It will be obvious what it
 means even in relative isolation.  head/tip will often appear without
 "toe" in forward range algos.  So you need to be able to easily
 recognize what "tip" means without seeing that "toe" to give context.
 Toe on the other hand will probably almost always appear with his

 Ooh, another scale thing, but a head is obviously a very different
 scale than a toe.  A foot is closer to the same scale.  Maybe
 head/foot is better than head/toe.  The connection between retreating
 / feet is stronger that retreating / toes, too!


neither the tip of the tail, nor the tip of the wing, nor the tip of the flagellum are really infinitesimal... I'm not sure whether I understand your reasoning about the "tip" / "toe", I interpreted that "tip" could be a substitute of "toe"...

Nope. I'm pretty sure that the discussion is about replacing "head" with "tip". There's an expression "from tip to toe".

:D yes! ok! I missed that! sorry.
 But I think your confusion (or is it mine?) about which end would be
 the tip is pretty damning.

I agree with that! indeed it is.
 my problem with foot is that there is necessarily more than one.

There's also more than one toe. But I guess you thought that "toe" was out.

 perhaps in the world of the anatomy of the chordates we can find something...
dunno, "coccyx" is pretty weird but at least there is only one.

Well, there is only one tail... but it's what functional guys call everything but the head, so Anrdrei wants to avoid it.

Yes, thanks, I didn't really now that was the reason but I do agree. My last idea was the pair "head" and "aft"... Cheers!
Sep 12 2008