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digitalmars.D.announce - Re: DSSS 0.74 released.

libraries aren't builtĦĦon Windows.

nothing happen:


dsss build ydb

Gregor Richards Wrote:

 DSSS, the D Shared Software System, is a tool to ease the building, 
 installation, configuration and acquisition of D software.
 For those that like versions to have names, this is:
 DSSS 0.74, "Extremely Delayed Release"
 I didn't get everything I wanted to in 0.74, but it really needed to be 
 released, so here it is.
          - Made `dsss net fetch` fall back on copying where renaming is
            impossible (see ticket #138).
          - rebuild now ignores -v1
          - Rebuild: Merged DMD 2.007.
          - Rebuild: rebuild_choosedc now works when installed to 
 /usr/bin (see
            ticket #143).
          - Added an RPM specfile (see ticket #144).
          - Rebuild now supports the -debuglib and -defaultlib flags.
          - DSSS will no longer try to build if no config file is 
 specified and
            no file are specified on the command line.
          - Auxiliary builds of binaries are now allowed with names e.g.
            [main.d+feature] (see ticket #153).
 As per usual, more information and downloads are available at 
   - Gregor Richards

Dec 23 2007