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digitalmars.D.announce - Re: DMD 1.032 and 2.016 releases

torhu Wrote:

 bearophile wrote:
 Walter Bright:
 bearophile wrote:
 At a first test, it seems the compiled executables are 2-3+ times
 bigger than the ones produced by 1.029.

Hmm, haven't noticed that.

Here are some exact results: V. 1.029: libs: 951_324 bytes (with unittests) test.d: 118_300 bytes V. 1.032: libs: 1_386_012 bytes (with unittests) test.d: 277_020 bytes Where the libs are my ones, and the test.d is just: import std.stdio: put = writef, putr = writefln; import std.string: join; void main() { putr(["ab", "cde"].join("")); } I'd like to know if someone else can confirm this inflation.

I recently tried linking my app with DWT built with 1.031 using -lib, and the exe was larger than when using 1.027 and dsss with oneatatime=yes to build DWT. I didn't look into it, just went back to my 1.027 setup for the time being. So I think you might be onto something.

Comparing 2 different version of my program, the size has increased by about 200kb. When compiling it in debug code on 1.030, it was as big as the release version of it in 1.033. I didn't use any new compiler flags than I did before, basically changed nothing, and only minor changes in the code that would at maximum cost a few bytes.
Jul 23 2008