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digitalmars.D - Re: std.algorithm.remove and principle of least astonishment

Bruno Medeiros Wrote:

 On 23/11/2010 18:15, foobar wrote:
 It's simple, a mediocre language (Java) with mediocre libraries has orders of
magnitude more success than C++ with it's libs fine tuned for performance. Why?

Java has mediocre libraries?? Are you serious about that opinion? -- Bruno Medeiros - Software Engineer

It all depends on the scale you use. If we equate programming with cooking than using C++ is like trying to make a feast out of single atoms. Using Java would then be equivalent to buying at the supermarket. It's fine for most people. On this scale, the naked sheaf has his own farm with organic livestock and also a garden so he can get the best ingredients.
Nov 24 2010