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digitalmars.D - Re: single-line string?

spir Wrote:

 I press '"' '""' is written out (a feature I hate anyway for code edition). I 
 would like to know how & how well other editors deal with all of that 
 (especially but not only emacs and vim).

Visual studio rehighlights instantly and has a timeout of 2 sec for refold.
 Compare with multi-line comments: the difference is double: (1) there is
 for single-line comment (2) the closing delimiter is different ('/*' vs '*/'). 
 This means that (1) use of multi-line syntax is limited to actual need for 
 multi-line (2) one can avoid the bug by writing the closing delimiter first, 
 hehe! (what I constantly do when writing docs docs)

And how do you type/delete curly braces?
Apr 15 2011