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digitalmars.D - Re: request for moderation

Apologies.I had a type-o in my search.

Kris Wrote:

 Unlike some, his post is not anonymous at all ... there's are a variety of 
 posts from dominik, replete with ip address and so on.
 "anonymous" <anonymous anon.com> wrote in message 
 news:frjon8$1152$1 digitalmars.com...
 Your post is also anonymous.So I am not impressed by your gonads.

 dominik Wrote:

 "anonymous" <anon anon.com> wrote in message
 news:frh97i$7ko$1 digitalmars.com...
I am a regular on this news group from Europe.Not Janice.I say this for 
protection for more attacks from kris.Walter can identify me from my IP 

Drama queen. Seriously, sod off anon. What's up with whining lately? Grow a pair, or grow up. Leave this haven of ours alone and stop trolling.

Mar 16 2008