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digitalmars.D - Re: Who here actually uses D?

Robert Clipsham Wrote:

 Having seen a post by Peter Alexander (in Re: D for game development), 
 mentioning some of the issues he's hit I thought I'd post this. I've 
 been in his shoes (every other time I use D it seems), and feel I should 
 ask - who here uses D, and to what extent?
 I'm mostly interested in those of you with 1000 Line plus projects in D, 
 as that's when I've found I start hitting issues.

Most of my coding is done with smaller projects. But I have one project which has grown to a couple thousands lines of D2 code. It is in use at my job and makes use of a number of other libraries. I tend to stay away from the newest features of D2, and those known to have problems. I make some attempts to use const/pure but do not force it (that is I'm not designing to require some attribute). This means most of the code I'm writing would work with D1. However I do make use of some improvements and of course Phobos. I have come across a number of bugs through my use of D, though I couldn't say how many come from my limited use of D2 as I do experiment at times.
Jan 01 2011