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digitalmars.D - Re: Standardization of D

Walter Bright Wrote:

 Don Clugston wrote:
 Right now, D2 is not standard even in that sense -- Walter hasn't 
 reached a consensus with himself. <g>
 Look how 'const' has changed over the past ten releases.
 So to answer the original post -- I expect at least another year of 
 releases before Walter will say that the language design is essentially 

D1 is complete as far as I'm concerned, except for bug fixes and changes that improve the compiler without changing the spec. The current plan is for D2 to be finalized sometime in the fall.

Mmm. Looking forward to it. I think the real challenge in terms of solidifying D 2.x is the correct/terse const declaration problem, and providing access to the AST during compile-time. The latter will allow people to write their own compiler back-ends for anything they can stuff in a template. PS: Walnut is very shortly going to be porting to FASM because the 77kb of bloat and difficulty binding identifiers and function parameters to SSE2 registers really does matter for my project. The FASM forum guys are voting that I can get the Walnut interpreter under 50kb. Regards, Dan
Feb 03 2008