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digitalmars.D - Re: PHP embedded in D.

Yes its  a genetic algorithm that I'm writing to analyse my game world. Its a
web game though, so its written in PHP hence the need to be able to run PHP
within D. 

Its mainly for statement evaluations though, not entire PHP pages so I don't
need things like the server vars. 

Bill Baxter Wrote:

 Joshua wrote:
 Greetings All,
 Well I am now learning D and as part of the process I am making a GA in D for
a game I am working on. 

GA -- you mean a Genetic Algorithm?
 Since the games scripting is in PHP and Ruby I need a way to run these scripts
in D. Has anyone tried using something like PHP-embed in D?
 I can use the PHP CLI if I really must but I would prefer just using the some
sort of PHP api directly. 

Nope. PyD is the most advanced binding library right now as far as I know. Never heard about someone using PHP as an embedding scripting language for D or anything else, actually. --bb

Jul 03 2007