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digitalmars.D - Re: OT -- Re: random cover of a range

Bill Baxter:
To everyone with a mixed-use blog on Planet D:  Please put categories on your
posts and tell Anders Bergh (anders1 foogmail.com-foo) how to subscribe to just
the D-related categories.<

Thank you, I always use tags in the blog, but I didn't know how to do this filtering from the beginning. I have now sent an email to Anders Bergh to show only my posts with the "d language" tag, I hope to receive an answer. (I'd also like to see PlanetD support LiveJournal "cuts", I use them to hide long blocks of code in the blog). Regarding links to my site, I have never asked for them, I didn't even know such links exist, so feel free to remove them; please remove references to my name too. I think this is enough to solve such kind of problems. ---------------- Nick Sabalausky:
My biggest concern with it is that the one character is one of those creatures
that seems to have two torsos at right-angles to each other. I can't even image
the sorts of back problems that must create for them in old age, or just how
their biology is able to actually *fill* both torsos with useful organs. ;-)<

I think there's a solution: the chakasa spine isn't L-shaped as an elbow, in the middle it has the shape of part of a circle. In the following months I'll try to have an image that shows this anatomic solution of such part of the spine :-) There are finite-element simulations of the mechanical stresses inside dinosaur tails, adapting them to the middle of their spine will require some time. Bye, bearophile
Feb 16 2009