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digitalmars.D - Re: Null references (oh no, not again!)

Walter Bright Wrote:

 Daniel Keep wrote:
 * Accessing arrays out-of-bounds
 * Dereferencing null pointers
 * Integer overflow
 * Accessing uninitialized variables

 50% of the bugs in Unreal can be traced to these problems!

Tim Sweeny isn't an amateur; he's responsible, at least in part, for one of the most commercially successful game engines ever. I figure if even he has trouble with these things, it's worth trying to fix them. Note that D already solves #1 and #4, LDC could give us #3... that just leaves #2. :D

1 and 4 are pernicious, memory corrupting, hard to find problems. 2 is easy to find, does not corrupt memory. It isn't even in the same continent as 1 and 4 are.

The full cost to an enterprise of a catastrophic bug (which all 4 of these are ) in a released piece of software are almost certainly many orders of magnitude larger than the cost of programmer time to find and fix it. Alex
Mar 05 2009