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digitalmars.D - Re: Newbie to D initial suggestion

Kris Wrote:

 Larry Wrote:
 Kris Wrote:
 "Larry" <lawrence.hemsley gmail.com> wrote in
 I already ordered the book, it just has not arrived from Amazon yet
 (shipped yesterday) I do hope it is better written than the Tango 
 reference manual.

:-) Would you be willing to improve the ref manual? - Kris

I am willing to try. I can probably write the installation part if it is still missing. However I do think I have used it enough to be of much help since I am still trying to learn to tango. Larry

any and all assistance would be much appreciated

OK, I just printed the WikiFormatting page (wouldn't it be nice if all wiki's used the same formatting). I will give it a try and see.
Jan 30 2008