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Walter Bright:

 bearophile wrote:
 With D sometimes array-based code is faster than pointer-based. With LDC they
are usually equally efficient.

??? This makes no sense. The (ptr+i*T.sizeof) is an addressing mode on the x86, and comes at ZERO cost.

A little test program: import std.c.stdio: printf; size_t add1(size_t[] arr) { size_t sum = 0; for (size_t i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) sum += arr[i]; return sum; } size_t add2(size_t[] arr) { size_t sum = 0; size_t* p = arr.ptr; for (size_t i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) sum += p[i]; return sum; } size_t add3(size_t[] arr) { size_t sum = 0; size_t* p = arr.ptr; for (size_t i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) sum += *p++; return sum; } void main() { auto arr = new size_t[10_000_000]; foreach (size_t i, ref el; arr) el = i; printf("%u\n", add1(arr)); printf("%u\n", add2(arr)); printf("%u\n", add3(arr)); } --------------------- dmd 2.049 dmd -O -release -inline _D4test4add1FAkZk comdat push EAX xor ECX,ECX xor EDX,EDX push EBX cmp 0Ch[ESP],ECX je L28 mov 4[ESP],EDX mov EDX,010h[ESP] mov EBX,EDX mov EAX,0Ch[ESP] mov EDX,4[ESP] L1E: add ECX,[EDX*4][EBX] inc EDX cmp EDX,0Ch[ESP] jb L1E L28: pop EBX mov EAX,ECX pop ECX ret 8 _D4test4add2FAkZk comdat xor ECX,ECX xor EDX,EDX cmp 4[ESP],ECX je L18 LA: mov EAX,8[ESP] add ECX,[EDX*4][EAX] inc EDX cmp EDX,4[ESP] jb LA L18: mov EAX,ECX ret 8 _D4test4add3FAkZk comdat push EBX xor EDX,EDX xor ECX,ECX cmp 8[ESP],ECX mov EBX,0Ch[ESP] je L1D LF: mov EAX,EBX add EBX,4 inc ECX add EDX,[EAX] cmp ECX,8[ESP] jb LF L1D: pop EBX mov EAX,EDX ret 8 This has an influence on running time too. Bye, bearophile
Oct 15 2010