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digitalmars.D - Re: More phpBB like forum?

Daniel White Wrote:

 Hi all,
 Is it just me, or does anyone think it may be a good idea to use a
 phpBB style forum instead/aswell? I understand the reasoning behind
 the current system, as many of you have dedicated news readers which
 parse the emailed posts into a more thread like manner afterwards.
 However, for many people who don't have these readers (and don't want
 to try one yet), but who are very interested in D, the flat like
 posts may put them off, and that of course would be a great shame.
 To get the best of both worlds, one could get some backend server
 software to automatically parse the posts into a thread/phpbb like
 system, AND for the posts to be sent in the usual way to be read by
 the specialized newsgroup software readers. Is there such a system? -
 if not then why not, as it would be beneficial to everyone.
 At the same time, we can remove (or subsume) the old 'deprecated' D

Yes. Yes. Yes. D could use something like this. http://www.punbb-hosting.com/
Dec 09 2008