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digitalmars.D - Re: Let Go, Standard Library From Community

It's not about what can be done in theroy/uif you have enough time, it's about
what can be done by (probably slightly less intelligent/educated) programmers
quickly. If you ran a company, would you want to pay your employees $30 an hour
to reimplement functionality provided in a standard library? What about
debugging it?

Dan Wrote:

 Brad Anderson Wrote:
 Oh to be a fly on the wall when the current lib doesn't have a function you

I can write assembler. I can write D. I can write ECMAScript. If there's something I need that isn't there, I write it. I personally think there's something wrong with someone who claims to be a programmer but *can't* solve a trivial puzzle. Not knowing what address to write directly to the screenbuffer is forgiveable. Look it up. Not being able to implement huffman compression or a quicksort or binary search, or a jump gate after knowing what you need to achieve... well, that means you lost that gleam in your eye you had back in kindergarten. - Dan

Apr 18 2007