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digitalmars.D - Re: Knight's Challenge in D

Georg Wrede Wrote:

 Chris Miller wrote:
 Hmm...  Excellent point.  I'll have to rethink my submission
 mechanism.  I was going to give an email address, though sadly
 whenever I put it on the 'net in one more location, that invariably
 creates more spam for me.

On a web site you could put the mail address simply in a picture. And another idea: many big sites have these distorted text string pictures you have to type in, sort of like a password to prove that you're human. Now, most of these are entirely random, computer generated, and whatever else fancy. On a small-volume low profile site (no disrespect intended here), making these could be just as simple as writing, say 20 random strings in your own handwriting (maybe quickly and sloppily) on a piece of dirty paper, digitizing them, and then showing one of them at random to the user.

Trac Hacks has a captcha plugin, but it hasn't been updated for 0.11 yet. I suppose I could try and update the plugin myself, but that'd require time that I won't have until the weekend.
Apr 04 2008