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digitalmars.D - Re: I can use D all the time

Walter Bright Wrote:

 Georg Wrede wrote:
 And now that the Net is 
 even there, that's really a viable option. Congratulations!

Before the web, D wouldn't even have been possible as it relies on the collaberation of people all over the world.

We're not quite there yet. It took me two weeks to achieve a successful download of D1.043. But next year we should have a submarine fiber optic connection, and then things could be different providing that the politicians don't just continue to charge the same price and pocket the profits - this is Africa. If the bandwidth/price really does improve, then East Africa is potentially a big area for development. The English speakers here are easier to understand that those in the call centers in India, and very very willing to do what it takes to learn. Jobs here are like hens teeth!
May 02 2009