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retard Wrote:

 Sat, 23 Jan 2010 14:38:20 -0500, Bane wrote:
... Some old farts use D1 because they
 highly respect the D-man art and Walter's ability to co-operative and
 communicate with the community (which indeed feels really good if you
 have zero experience on other language communities). They do not fancy
 the new D2 features that much. And let's be honest, D1 is terribly
 similar to a native port of C# 3.5.

Hey! This old fart here prefers D1 instead of D2 because: - it has enough features to satisfy his needs, both in language and in Phobos - it is known how it works, it works correct, and there are docs describing it - there are less things in it, so it is easier to learn and play with it Hell, if C is useful tool and you cant get simpler than it (asembler excluded), then D1 is full fledged corporate tool with great std lib. So please, don't flame D1, or youll have some angry old men on your back :)

Please don't take my posts too seriously =)

Darn! I have just canceled tonight plans and got worked up to write some anti retard flaming posts... Oh, well, hope there is something on TV worth watching... :)
Jan 23 2010