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digitalmars.D - Re: GUI strategy?

I've developed with swt on an eclipse project at work, and am glad to see that
one already ported.  Another I used previously for Solaris was the fox tools,
which I'm surprised no one has ported yet.  


Another guy has done several years of work on extension to the fox tools,  
creatigg a more extensive cross-platform framework.  I'm amazied at the amount
of work he's put into it.  It might make a good candidate for a port.


 In the world outside of D, there are those big ones:
 - .NET/Mono
 - Eclipse RCP, Netbeans
 - QT
 - ...?

 They all are not only a GUI, say a collection of basic controls. They
 are complete frameworks. They offer complete Dialogs, separation of data
 and presentation (MFC/data binding), persistance, update mechnisms,
 docking systems, extension mechanisms, tools, IDE support, commercial
 support, ...

Sep 30 2007