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digitalmars.D - Re: Frustratingly D

Nicholas Wrote:

 Thanks for clarifying some of those.  Something like that, but with more
 should go right on the front page.

The problem is those are things that specifically interest you, but everyone has something they'd want to be the first thing to hear about.
 It would be nice to have a single location for documentation rather than the
 scattered sources.  The reply I got from Adam Ruppe shows a foot in the right
 direction.  I understand it's a work in progress but D isn't necessarily new
and I
 think there's a sense of what's expected from the official documentation for

Right, but scattered sources also mean more places to stumble across D. I'm not sure if the main site needs extensive amounts of tutorials. It should definitely reference where community tutorials can be found. Wiki4D also doesn't house a lot of content and only refers to other locations. I made some suggestions to have some more links going to specific Wiki4D pages. There is a link for every Phobos module, but I think Wiki4D is a horrible place for discussion.
Feb 23 2011