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digitalmars.D - Re: D marketplace

Walter Bright Wrote:

 I'm considering setting up another D newsgroup called D.marketplace. In 
 it, you can essentially post advertisements for your D products, hang 
 out a shingle offering your D consulting services, post want ads for D 
 programmers, anything business oriented that's related to D.
 Is this something needed?

Good idea Walter. I'd be particularly interested to know the availability of 1. D professionals ::= people that ask the going market rate for programming services, as this is their core business), or 2. D professional hobbyists ::= people that are willing to do D programming tasks for low $ as this is their hobby business. i.e. feel that it's nice to earn some reward for D programming but will do stuff for the experience, challenge and sheer joy of it. Lawyers call this pro-bono don't they? :-) -- Justin Johansson email: procode domain-as-per-ng-post
Oct 14 2009