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digitalmars.D - Re: "D" annoyances

 Ty Tower Wrote:
 Take them as things to be fixed or deny their existence 
 Either way I will post here the stupid things I find as I go through bits and
pieces .
 The best critic is the most schooled in the subject

OK here is another that I have touched on before but it was not as clear to me then as it is now. If you choose to run Tango then the file you get with "dsss" must be checked and changed if necessary. I havn't seen a correct one in anything I have downloaded to date and that's up to the distro available today. Go to /dsss/etc/rebuild and first make sure the default file reads " dmd-posix-tango" Then go into "dmd-posix-tango" and change the file as per my #note below profile=tango compiler=dmd inifile=dmd.conf exeext= objext=o version=DigitalMars noversion=GNU version=linux noversion=Unix version=Posix noversion=Windows noversion=Win32 noversion=Win64 version=X86 noversion=PPC noversion=X86_64 version=D_InlineAsm version=D_InlineAsm_X86 noversion=D_InlineAsm_PPC noversion=D_InlineAsm_X86_64 version=LittleEndian noversion=BigEndian version=Tango [compile] cmd=dmd -version=Posix -version=Tango -c $i flag=$i incdir=-I$i libdir=-L-L$i optimize=-O version=-version=$i [link] oneatatime=no #....note... while here change "yes" to "no" above"....# cmd=dmd $i -of$o # ....note....took out of above for Tango "-L--start-group -L-lphobos" before $i.... # libdir=-L-L$i lib=-L-l$i flag=-L$i [liblink] safe=yes oneatatime=yes cmd=ar rc $o $i libdir= lib= flag= [postliblink] cmd=ranlib $i [shliblink] shlibs=no [dyliblink] dylibs=no Then at least you will get a result not like the shit I have been trying to wade through Its a bloody disgrace for Linux users of Tango , what a ballsup.
Mar 20 2008