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digitalmars.D - Re: DVCS (was Re: Moving to D)

Walter Bright Wrote:

 Eh, that's inferior. The svn will will highlight what part of a line is 
 different, rather than just the whole line.

As others have mentioned, it really isn't the CVS, I don't think the default SVN web server does the highlighting you want, it might not even do any highlighting. Trac should be able to provide the same functionality as found on github, though github will provide a lot more then just highlighting.
 Looks like meld itself used git as it's repository. I'd be surprised if 
 it doesn't work with git. :-)

I use git for other projects, and meld doesn't work with it.

Found these links: http://www.muhuk.com/2008/11/adding-git-support-to-meld/ http://nathanhoad.net/how-to-meld-for-git-diffs-in-ubuntu-hardy So maybe that is what's missing.
Jan 06 2011