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digitalmars.D - Re: Conspiracy Theory #1

 For most applications/libraries, forking means death.  But look at the 
 cases of bind (DNS), sendmail (smtp), and even Apache (and it's NCSA 
 roots).  These implementations of their respective protocols are still 
 the 'standard' and 'reference' implementations, they still have a huge 
 installation, and are still see active development.

These are 'reference' implementations largely because no one follows the RFCs (something I was very frustrated to discover recently). I sincerely hope that other D compilers follow the spec rather than some potentially divergent implementation.
 However, their alternatives in many cases offer better support, features 
 and/or speed (not to mention security, especially in the case of bind 
 and sendmail).

I'd personally rather have a unified user base than having to re-code things based on which compiler I targeted. I really don't care if one compiler can do some nifty thing the others can't. That web programmers need different code for each browser is utterly ridiculous. If D went that route I'd be back to C++ in a heartbeat.
Nov 22 2009