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c++.announce - CodePorting Now Accept Online Payments

With improved billing module, CodePorting has started accepting 
Online payments through credit cards and now users can directly 
purchase/renew their subscription without having to leave the 
CodePorting website.

Accepted cards are,

•	Master

Apart from above, users can also pay through PayPal eCheque.

Previously Clients had to submit their credit card information 
through emails, although CodePorting was handling such 
information with complete secrecy and care but it was not 
convenient for most of their clients. If you want to upgrade or 
renew your subscription simply got to CodePorting C#2Java 
Dashboard and click your name to see the Account Usage Summary.

On the bottom you will find the Change Plan button. Click it, and 
you will be taken to the Pricing Page.

Select the appropriate Package Plan that suites your needs to 
reveal the payment page.

Provide the required information and click Confirm Buy Now. You 
are good to go. Happy Code Porting.
Oct 14 2012