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reply Jevans <jessee1127 gmail.com> writes:
For some reason I thought it was "Flight of the Valkyries" that played during
the into screen to this military strategy game I played on my Atari many many
years ago... but perhaps someone can set me straight. I cant even remember the
tune anymore. It was a little more fast paced than FOTV. Thank you so much for
taking the time to respond because this has been driving me crazy.
May 27 2012
next sibling parent John Atkinson <john vacadude.com> writes:
If the Atari played the same tune that my Amiga version did, then it would be
the Hall of the Mountain King" from the Peer Gynt Suite by Edvard Grieg. You can
check to see if it is by checking around 30 seconds into this YouTube
the one I remember: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52O-pOBe-HE
Jun 24 2012
prev sibling parent skye <skyknyt aol.com> writes:
If I remember correctly (it was about 20 years ago after all...) it was Gustav
Holst's Mars, The Bringer of War.

Jun 25 2012