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digitalmars.empire - Empire game for VAX/4.xBSD


I would like to compile and run very old decompiler for VAX/4.xBSD:

Piece of readme file:


To decompile Peter Langston's EMPIRE game and other goodies into source
form.  This was desired because I wanted to port the games to VMS and
to fix some bugs in the games."


So: I installed SIMH(VAX), I tried different versions of BSD (3BSD,
4.0BSD, etc), but, C compiler in each UNIX produces such code that this
ancient decompiler working very unstable.

I try to reproduce all conditions where decompiler's author were at the
time and I want to ask, does anybody has Peter Langston's Empire game
binaries for VAX/4.xBSD dating from the first half of 1980s?
Dec 15 2011