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digitalmars.D.learn - DDoc - Creating sections around declaration docs

Basically the problem is that I want to write some documentation that gives 
an overview of a few functions.  This is because I have a lot of groups of 
functions which work together.  I guess an example would best show what I 
want to do; this is what I want to end up with for my docs:

class UtensilDrawer
    This is a class which manages all kinds of utensils.

 Sorting Functions
All these functions sort utensils, but each only operates on a certain kind of utensil. Utensils are sorted so they line up all nice. void sortForks() Sorts all the forks. void sortKnives() Sorts all the knives. void sortSpoons() Sorts all the spoons. void sortAll() Sorts all utensils in the drawer.
 Query Functions
These functions are for seeing if certain kinds of utensils are in the drawer. All these functions will return true if any utensil matches the given query, and will return false otherwise. bool hasSteakKnife() Sees if there are any steak knives in the drawer. bool hasSoupSpoon() Sees if there are any soup spoons in the drawer. Notice the parts with the >>> on them. The main problem I have with generating this is that doc comments are only emitted along with declarations, so I can't just create some documentation that isn't attached to just one thing. Has anyone achieved anything similar, or is DDoc too restrictive to allow this?
Jun 03 2006