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release notes on my blog:


known as arsd-official on dub, the library is a set of about 80 
generally independent modules that you can pick and choose 
functionality from without onerous compile time nor run time 
dependencies, covering a broad array of use cases such as:

* terminal.d for interactive text applications (comparable to 
ncurses and getline libraries),

* simpledisplay, simpleaudio, and joystick for graphical 
applications (comparable to SDL libraries)

* cgi.d, database.d, and many more for web server applications

* dom.d for xml+html processing

* minigui.d for desktop gui applications

* image.d, archive, png, midi, ogg, and more for common file 
format work

* nanovega and svg for 2d vector graphics

* script.d and jsvar.d for an embeddable scripting language

* http and websocket clients

* jni.d and com.d for interfacing with outside languages

* and other random things
Aug 24 2022