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digitalmars.D.announce - DConf Online 2022 -- Call For Sumbissions

As we were wrapping up DConf '22 in London, I informally 
announced that DConf Online is taking place in December. Consider 
this post a semi-formal announcement :-)

DConf Online is scheduled for December 17 and 18. I'll have the 
web page up by the end of this month. For now, I'd like to ask 
you to start thinking about submitting a talk. Submissions for 
DConf Online should generally be in the form of a video 
describing the talk.

Things you need to know:

* the submission deadline is October 9
* submissions should be no longer than 5 minutes
* ideally you'll show slides of the abstract/description with 
your head in one corner (the purpose is to demonstrate that you 
are set up to properly do screen recording the way we want you to 
for the actual talk)
* videos should be 1920x1080   30 fps
* ideal formats are .mp4, .mkv, or .mov---just please try to use 
commonly used screen recording software (e.g., OBS Studio, 
Cyberlink Screen Recorder, etc.), as the output of more niche 
software has caused compatibility problems for us in the past.

Things we need to know:

* the duration (25 minutes is the target, but we can go shorter 
or longer in specific cases if there's a good justification)
* target audience (beginner, intermediate, advanced, all)
* the abstract (the elevator pitch)
* the description (a more detailed outline of what you have in 
mind; this need not be final)

Send your submission to social dlang.org. Please include the 
abstract in plaint text form. It will save me time later if your 
talk is accepted.

If you've given a DConf Online talk in the past, you don't need 
to do a video submission unless you absolutely want to. You can 
instead submit everything in written form.

I'll have all of this info on the site once it's live.

I look forward to seeing your submissions!
Aug 21 2022