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digitalmars.D.announce - Symmetry Autumn of Code 2023

SAOC 2023 is on! If you'd like to make a bit of part-time cash 
contributing to the D ecosystem, this is one way to do it, 
courtesy of Symmetry Investments. There could even be a free trip 
to DConf '24 in it for you.

All of the details are available at https://saoc.io.

Yes, SAOC has its own domain and website now. It's well past time 
for that. Right now it's barebones like the old blog page was. 
I'm going to add details about all of the past SAOC editions 

As always, successful applicants will be in need of mentors. If 
you're an experienced D user and interested in taking on the 
role, please reach out and let me know what sort of projects 
you'd be best suited for.

Anyone with ideas for potential SAOC projects can submit them as 
issues to [our project-ideas 
rt%3Aupdated-desc). A good SAOC project is one that can keep a coder busy for
at least 20 hours/week over the four months of the event and will be beneficial
to the D ecosystem.

Good luck to everyone who applies!
Jul 02