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digitalmars.D.announce - On Mir parts migration to DRuntime

reply 9il <ilyayaroshenko gmail.com> writes:
Hi Walter and Dlang Community,

Mir libraries or their parts can be moved to Phobos/Druntime 
under BSL-1.0. I won't be able to help with mir migration except 
for general review and coordination with copyright holders. I use 
D for work but am no longer an active open-source contributor.

  - [mir-ion](http://mir-ion.libmir.org/) - JSON, Amazon Ion, 
YAML, CSV, and Msgpack  serialization library
  - [mir-algorithm](http://mir-algorithm.libmir.org) - tensors, 
prices number printing and parsing, interpolation, and algorithms
  - [mir-core](http://mir-core.libmir.org) - a lot of cool stuff, 
including algebraic types
  - [mir-random](http://mir-random.libmir.org) - random engine and 
  - [mir-cpuid](http://mir-cpuid.libmir.org)
  - [mir-optim](http://mir-optim.libmir.org)
  - maybe some other packages as well

  - Full backward compatibility up to the namespace until 
  - Port as it is with minimal changes, including all Mir 
dependencies up to the module level.
  - Port to a separate namespace, something like core.mir/std.mir 
or core.ext/std.ext. The namespace has to be short.
  - Mir libraries must be updated in lockstep to depend on Phobos: 
if a Mir module is ported to Phobos, it must be removed from Mir.
  - All ported public code documentation must be presented on the 
  - If a non-mir module, for example, `std.format`, is reworked 
with mir, it has to add the credentials.
  - All credentials have to be presented (authors, and note that 
it was ported from Mir)
  - We would need approval from other copyright holders for some 
modules. Generally, we have to get approval from Symmetry 
  - Mir code in Phobos has to be frozen from any major rework 
until 2025-12-31. We may add some exceptions. But the general 
rule is to freeze the code.

Walter, please let me know what you think.

ki9ilia on G post

Kind regards,
Jul 01
parent reply Walter Bright <newshound2 digitalmars.com> writes:
Thank you, this is great news!

But the license is different from the license Phobos uses, and with the 
conditions it makes the most sense to add your libraries to the dub repository. 
That way it will be easy to conform to your requirements.
Jul 01
parent "Richard (Rikki) Andrew Cattermole" <richard cattermole.co.nz> writes:
They are already on dub.


The stated goal appears to be to get them into Phobos to minimize chance 
of death.

But yeah the conditions being requested are too restrictive to consider 
Jul 01