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digitalmars.D.announce - Release: console-colors v1.0.0

`console-colors` is a reboot of the `colorize`[1] package, a 
library for colors in your terminal.

**DUB:** https://code.dlang.org/packages/console-colors
**GitHub:** https://github.com/p0nce/console-colors

   - _in-band_ color information like `colorize`.
   - 16 colors, foreground and background. Caution not all colors 
are adequate on various terminals.
   - HTML-like tags for colors instead of VT-100 escape codes. 
Some chars must be escaped with entities: `&gt`; `<` and 
`&`, this is what the `escapeCCL(string s)` function does.

     import consolecolors;
     cwriteln("<lblue>this is light blue</lblue>");

   - 32 UFCS short functions like `.red` and `.on_white`.
   - Colors are stacked, when you exit a color if will restore the 
   - Separate exception type for exceptions with coloured 
messages: `CCLException`.
     Handy for nice compiler messages.
   - like the "colorize" package, coloured string must print 
through cwrite[f][ln] function.
   - globally disable console colors, with 

[1] https://code.dlang.org/packages/colorize
Mar 25 2022