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digitalmars.D.announce - Developer needed for a weekend web application project

Hello Dlang Developers

Can you build something like this site https://www.sli.do/ with 
some difference nuances for language support, and other features? 
I am not interested in various pricing model of the site, it's 
the user experience I want to recreate and improve.

Are you good at Hunt, Vibe.D, Dweb, or Diamond?

I love to see the a app powered by D. I would like the project to 
be done in a few days, may be a bit more than a weekend is OK, 
but want to be live on Friday next week April 3rd. Please reply 
to this thread if you are interested.

There is https://www.live-ask.com written in D some time ago. I 
want something more than that.
Mar 26