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digitalmars.D.announce - DConf Online 2021 Talks

Okay folks, here's the list of accepted talks and the speakers 
who will be giving them, in no particular order:

* Life Outside the Big 4: The Adventure of D on OpenBSD -- Brian 
* Metaprogramming in D (Making programming fun again) -- Bradley 
* Graphql for D: Do the Boring Things -- Robert Schadek
* Fast and Coherent Reflection -- Stefan Koch
* A Deep Dive into GPU Text Rendering -- Elijah Stone
* The How and Why of Profiling D Code -- Max Haughton

In addition, Adam D. Ruppe will be doing another live coding 
session. We'll also have keynotes from Walter and Atila, and our 
traditional Ask Us Anything! session. That gives us a total of 5 
slots each day.

I'll update dconf.org soon to remove the call for submissions, 
and I'll publish the schedule in early October. Also in October: 
I'll publish a blog post describing how DConf Online is 
structured this year, and I'll add new DConf Online 2021 swag to 
our online store. In early November, I'll post a video on our 
YouTube channel showing how to participate in DConf Online.

I encourage everyone who did not submit a talk this year to 
please, please consider submitting one next year. Doing so may 
help keep more of my hair from turning white sooner than it ought 
Sep 12