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digitalmars.D.announce - Boston D presentation Wednesday 6/27

Hi all,

We are going to meet on 6/27 at 6 pm at the Capital One cafe in the Back 
Bay in Boston (https://www.capitalone.com/local/boston-backbay). Sameer 
Pradhan, a regular at the Boston D meetup group will show us his NLP 
tool that he is planning to port from Python to D, called OntoNotes.

I'm sure we will also find some place for drinks/dinner afterward, and 
I'd love to see some new D-velopers in our area, come and join us!

Note: I'm planning to make the Boston D meetings have a more regular 
schedule: at least once a month, with or without any presentations. I 
want to make sure the group stays together, and I think we have some 
good resources in our area to talk about how D can be used to help 
anyone with any project. Kind of like an AMA in person :)

On that note, if anyone has any ideas for good places to hang out and 
talk D, I'm open to suggestions. The cafe is nice, but I'm also think it 
would be nice to have places like the hotels we hang out and code at dconfs.

Jun 25 2018