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digitalmars.D.announce - Aedi property reader, config file readers and more.

Hi, Dlang community!

Announcing aedi property reader v0.2.0, a library for reading 
various config files and exposing the contents as components 
(accessed by their path from container) that you can use in your 
application, without the hassle of manually reading file, then 
convert into D data type, check for correctness and etc.

The new additions to v0.2.0:
1) Brings three more file formats: sdlang, yaml, and java 
property files, with all basic D scalar types and their arrays 
supported out of the box (if I'm missing smth, please create a 
issue or better a pull request :) )
2) Brings experimental feature of reading structs and objects 
(with  property annotated fields) from config files (be warned, 
array of structs/objects not supported yet).
3) Built with allocators in mind (it still is dependent on 
underlying libraries used to read config files).

Check out examples folder. Build and run them with a simple "dub 

Dub link: http://code.dlang.org/packages/aedi-property-reader

Planned for future:
1) Extract object/struct mapper functionality in external library.
2) Figure out how to add array of structs/objects for reading.

Best regards,
Jun 24 2018