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digitalmars.D.announce - MKoD 1st Anniversary and the 'D Financial Package' is now at v0.3

The "MKoD - D Programming Language" site has finally reached its 1st
Anniversary, so please visit by following the link below:

Also starting with the "D Financial Package" v0.3 the license has changed to
GPL, which has given me a new source for additional functions to convert into
D...for D users! Seven new functions have been added, like: vdb(), xnpv(),
xirr(), effect(), nominal(), dollarde() and dollarfr(). Enjoy! :)


David L.

"Dare to reach for the Stars...Dare to Dream, Build, and Achieve!"

MKoD: http://spottedtiger.tripod.com/D_Language/D_Main_XP.html
Jun 30 2005