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digitalmars.D.announce - my opinion in secretive D license

i just started to learn c++, then i heard about "D". it looked good. i searched
your web-site for information, i thought i should start learning it but you are
secretive about exact information of your licence. i tried to search yur
web-site for license of D but concluded that you do not want to tell openly how
exactly you licensed D. If you want to keep D under a ``Proprietary license'',
then just go ahead and do it. why do you fear of something?. if you want to keep
D oen-source, then go ahead and do it.

you have made things confusing like this:

Q. Will D be open source?

A: The front end for D is open source, and the source comes with the compiler.
There is a  SourceForge project underway to create a Gnu implementation of D
from this.

 it is like :
 Q: what's your name?
 A: yeah, i am hungry.
Q: Which parts of the Digital Mars D implementation are Free software? [Apr 04] The DMD front-end source is available under dual ( GPL and Artistic) license. Phobos, the D standard library, is now licensed under a zlib/libpng license unless the individual file specifies otherwise. The DMD compiler, back-end and libraries are licensed non-distributable under a DigitalMars license. The D language specification and accompanying documents are similarly copyrighted to DigitalMars. -- JustinCalvarese, additions by AndersFBjörklund
 this time Q has put limit on the answer.
The D language comes free. You can download the compiler (DMD) and standard library (Phobos) in a package that includes the Windows and the Linux (x86) system.
 even Microsoft distributes its Media layer free & that is not FLOSS.
---- i am not asking you to make D OpenSource, i am asking you to be clear. Keeping users of D confused will not make things better. only making things technically better will not guarntee any success. see WINDOWS, the much buggier OS, if not most, *but* it is a success. the richest person on this planet made his fortune not by selling airplanes, rails or petroleum but by selling most buggy OS. *technical* matter (at OS level) doensn'n play here. what do you think? it is just a logical explanation. be clear on D, please. just a user thanks for your recious time. -- arnuld
May 25 2006